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Reservation Solution

If you’re a business that needs the extra help to manage the way your reservations come in and are managed, or if you’d benefit from increasing the amount of reservations that come in, we offer a simple solution. It can adapt for a variety of businesses, no matter the particular field – as long as it takes reservations. Through this integrated platform, we attempt to bring businesses closer to their clients, to offer clients more exposure to the business’ latest offers, discounts, and of course to help them make their reservation process easier, intuitive and available in a variety of platforms. To make this possible, we offer the client app (for Android phones and iPhones) and the administration panel. Here is what each of them does:


Book a specific date, time and event

View offers, discounts and photos from the business

Communicate directly with the business

Get push notifications for events or offers


Through the


Through the administration panel, the business managers can easily view and manage their reservations workflow. Your managers can not only see when new reservations come in, but also be able to add new ones to the system, view reservation analytics, and create new offers, events or discounts to be displayed to your clients. They can send push notifications to specific groups of clients, or to all of them